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Appreciation on the Tag Heuer F1 CAZ2011.FT8024

February 3, 2015 // by Belle

For the Tag Heuer F1 CAZ2011.FT8024 watch, it is characterized by the black carbide titanium coating stainless steel screw-plug gear crown, on which there has relieved the fine grinding arenaceous tag heuer shield logo and the red line decoration. On the top of the watch crown it is the timing start button, controlling the start and stop of the timing, and at the top of the watch crown it is the timing to zero button. It provides the waterproof performance of 200 meters. The material of rubber of the black hole rubber strap easily remind people of the car tires.

The advantage of the rubber strap is convenient to clean. The thickness of the profile watchcase is moderate, and the grinding arenaceous black carbide titanium coating stainless steel watchcase after satin-finished treatment has more texture and looks cool. The watch buckle of the Tag Heuer F1 CAZ2011.FT8024 adopts a fine steel pin buckle, which is very easy and convenient to wear. And the watch buckle after being treated by drawing is engraved with the English Logo of Tag Heuer. The watch ear radian is natural and the cutting edges are clear, and it won’t have any influence on your daily activities when wearing on your wrist.

replica tag heuer watches

replica tag heuer watches

It is also equipped with the sapphire crystal mirror, and the black dial is printed red minute scale at the outer bezel, the manual assembly polishing hour scales have the fluorescent marks. The 3 small dials are listed in order, and the small second dial is at nine o ‘clock, hour timing plate at 6 o ‘clock position, and 30 minutes timing plate at 12 o ‘clock position.

Tag Heuer F1 CAZ2011.FT8024 is not only featuring the sports style appearance, but also the fantastically powerful and reliable function, which is perfectly fusing the speed and the time together. The cool black appearance design, full of the breath of sports, makes this Tag Heuer F1 a great choice for those young men who love sports most.